LDS Temple Package 3

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LDS Temple Package 3

What makes this package stand out from the other two Temple packages is your Ring Ceremony. This package offers you everything the other two packages offer you, in addition you get complete coverage of your Ring Ceremony.

Because of the sacred nature of an LDS Temple marriage/sealing, not all have the opportunity to attend. Many LDS couples have chosen to also have a more traditional style ceremony - a Ring Ceremony, at their reception so that all their family and friends can participate in your wedding day ceremony. A Ring Ceremony is basically a traditional style wedding ceremony with an exchange of vows and rings. Your Ring Ceremony can be a full blown affair, or a simple exchange of rings with your local bishop or priesthood leader performing a short ceremony for you and your guests prior to the start of your reception.

From my perspective as your videographer, filming your ring ceremony is not much different than filming a traditional wedding ceremony, with multiple cameras, and professional audio equipment - which is why there is an additional cost. It also creates quite a bit more editing when that time comes.

With this particular package you will get the standard Highlight Film that will cover your entire day. In addition to your Highlight film, you will also receive a separate video of your Ring Ceremony, as it happened, from start to finish, with multiple camera angles and crisp professional audio of your vows.