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My name is Don Garrett. I have been filming and editing pretty much my entire adult life. Most would say my production career has developed in a reverse direction. The first time I was ever paid for video work, was a fat check from National Geographic, for stuff I had filmed as a personal hobby while working as a smokejumper (wildland firefighter) for the U.S. Forest Service. Much of the stuff that I filmed for several years ended up in productions on National Geographic Explorer, The History Channel, and a variety of outdoor adventure channels. At that point I was simply filming. I wanted to be more involved in the creative production/editing side of things.

In 2002 - 2004, as a wedding gift for a few of my friends, I filmed and edited a Highlight video of their weddings. I loved it!!

In 2005, I decided it was time to stop chucking myself out of airplanes into forest fires, and started my own production business - my main focus being cinematic style wedding films.

My Work Philosphy

In regards to wedding films. I believe in a simple classic approach. I strive to produce professional quality cinematic films with a very real and candid style. This means you get a beautiful film without feeling like you are watching a dramatic Hollywood movie trailer, with a VERY limited amount of posed or set up shots. I actually try to avoid posed film shots completely if possible.

While I do attempt to maintain a linear approach in my editing (keeping things in the order in which they happened), I also work to create and maintain a storytelling approach in creating your personal films. Audio is extremely important and plays a key role in the story telling approach. I use separate audio recording equipment to ensure excellent sound quality for intimate moments that add personal emotion to your films.

While the professional quality of my work will be obvious - it is not my goal to showcase my film making skills. My goal is to tell your story with film and audio, and to do so with a very real and candid approach.