Music is one of the most important aspects of your Wedding Video. I would like to help ensure you select the best music possible to make your videos the best they can be.

We love the Facebook! but due to the continued increase in use of Facebook by our clients, to share their awesome Wedding Videos with friends and family – we encourage everyone to help us comply with existing music use copyright laws. Even if you do not plan on having your Wedding Video posted to Facebook, we would still encourage you to select the music for your Wedding Video from a collection of music that can be licensed for legal use in your Wedding Video and slideshows.

We highly recommend the following websites for finding awesome music that can be licensed and used legally in your Wedding Video and slideshows. Because of the popularity of these websites, there are now quite a few current and popular artists. After spending a few minutes on these sites listening to music, i’m sure you will find that there are some terrific songs that you may have never heard, but will totally love.


You don’t need to be a member to listen to music. So go ahead and find some awesome music, write it down, and email me that list. The cost of licensing each song is covered in the cost of your Wedding Video. Please provide us with a list of at least 5 songs in your order of preference (as we may not use every song).

And of course! if you have any questions about any of this please give me (Don Garrett) a call. There really is some incredible music on these sites and I think you will enjoy finding some new and original music for your Wedding Video. If you are having trouble deciding, I can provide you with suggestions or simply select for you (everyone has been totally happy with music I have selected).